20 April 2008


Fabidoo, the German website that offers customized products via 3D printing, has launched an international site including a (mostly) English version. I'm going to make an order an item as soon as I get a chance - I'll let you know how it goes. I like what they're doing and wish them success.

3D Printing Resources

I've started a little page to keep track of links on the subject, and it's publicly available - at https://amberman.backpackit.com/pub/1418536. Some of you might find it useful!

NASA Blogs Art Center

NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale does a nice job reporting on two projects that Art Center completed for NASA this Spring. Take a look. Shana says:
While the complexity of the designs showed the extensive research and time invested by the Art Center students, the functionality and sleekness made you want to suit up and drive. It was quite exciting to be surrounded by the enthusiasm of the student design teams.

Yeah, that's why we like it here!

04 April 2008

Fabbaloo - excellent resource for fabbing news

I had looked at this blog before but was recently reminded of it - excellent resource tracking the worlds of fabbing, 3D printing, and rapid manufacturing. I do find it a little hard to remember the spelling... 2 B's, an A, one L....