21 July 2008

Jamming on the Lennon Bus

A few weeks ago, while attending the NMC Annual Summer Conference in Princeton, NJ, I got a chance to spend 15 minutes recording on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. If you're not familiar with the Lennon Bus, take a look at the link - it's a fantastic project to support music education. Usually, the people who get to record on the bus are High School students, but as a special treat for those of us at NMC we were able to book slots.

I was pretty nervous to record something in 15 minutes, but the guys on the bus are cool, brilliant, and supportive, and they helped me get it down without drama. After I got back home, I took the loops I recorded and mixed them in Garage Band. I called it "Summer on the Towpath" - if you want to listen, follow this link and click on the little arrow next to the file name to download.

Thanks to the Lennon Bus folks, NMC, and Don Henderson at Apple for putting together a really fun experience for us.

18 July 2008

Essay - "Great To See You. Just Not Around Here"

I love reading Jan Chipchase's blog. Sometimes I have no idea what point he's trying to make or indeed if he has one, but it's endlessly stimulating and often thought-provoking. Anyway, he just posted a link to a nice little essay on how geolocative technologies move connectivity and its social challenges to a new level. Worth reading.