17 May 2008

Warning: your analog rug will soon be obsolete!

Yes, the time has come to replace all those old, out-of-date, analog rugs with the newest in High Definition. In fact, in just two years, your analog and even your Standard Definition rugs will stop working, so it's time to either upgrade to HD (you know you want to!) or at least get a converter box. Saw these on sale at Costco today and they were selling like Vizio TV's. God, I love the new Digital Age!

16 May 2008

Art Center page on You Tube

Take a look - http://www.youtube.com/artcenteredu. These are all student projects. Here's one of the best:

04 May 2008

Now Is All You Have

Now Is All You Have
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Random photos from my iPhone

Every so often I hit the button on my iPhone and take a photo by accident. I used to throw them away but I realized I liked some of them better than the pictures I was taking on purpose. So for what it's worth, I've put a few of them online in Flickr. If you like this sort of thing, take a look. If you don't, move along, nothing to see here.