11 December 2006

Altcar Expo - very cool

The Altcar expo was pretty exciting - there was definitely the feeling of being on the edge of something new. The cars on display ranged from intriguing to practical to cool to silly, and the vendors ranged from mom and pop - literally - to small startups to relative veterans like Zap cars to General Motors. (In one corner - GM and their new Saturn Hybrid - in the other corner, the Petersen Auto Museum with their now collectible EV-1.)

First year and they're already running out of room - nowhere to park (how appropriate) and the hanger was packed. There's a real hunger for new ways to get around. Several of us from Art Center were there and there was a real sense that things have reached a tipping point - there is demand for new vehicles.

More in a day or two when I get a change to scan some of the materials.

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