03 October 2007

so I'm a little behind...

This was already featured in blogs including Make Magazine and Bruce Sterling's Beyond the Beyond, but I just saw it today and it's the coolest idea I've seen in a while.

Join the global making network

Ponoko.com connects designers, fabricators, and consumers around the world in a kind of worldwide virtual design studio-factory. Right now the only tooling they offer is laser cutters but when this expands to new kinds of low-cost 3D production it will be even more powerful. Take a look.

Ponoko: I make my designs real... and sell them

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NicWA said...

Cheers for the blog Michael. We've had an amazing couple of weeks, we launched open beta to all New Zealand last week, and our 'how to' guys are working their fingers to the bone to provide Ponoko open beta globally, this will be happening soon soon soon! So would encourage anyone who thinks designing, creating and community viewing is a bit of them, to sig up and we'll email you when we're open beta in your part of the world! Cheers, Nic, Ponoko Online PR Chick.