13 March 2008

Fab @ Home @ Work

The Fab@Home machine is coming along slowly but surely, an hour here and an hour there. I'm soldering wires, and my colleague David is assembling the chassis. The online instructions are fabulous, wonderful detail and illustrations. As we've assembled it, we've been really impressed by the thought that went into the design. Assembly is still tricky - I'm terribly out of practice with a soldering iron, and some of the wires and connections that would have been easy when I was a teenager are so small that they are nearly invisible to me without a magnifying class!

We've set ourselves a deadline of mid-April to have it up and running, so we'll keep plugging away!


spleeness said...

Can you video some of this process and post it online? I'd love to see you plugging away.

Michael Berman said...

We'll try to do that!