27 February 2007

Coffee Cup Philosophy

I can't remember for sure, but I think I saw this on a cup of coffee, and I was impressed enough to write it down... then today I ran across it in my notebook and thought I'd share it.

"In my career, I've found that 'thinking outside the box' works better if I know what's 'inside the box.' In music (as in life) we need to understand our pertinent history... and moving on is so much easier once we know where we've been." -- Dave Grusin

I could add that there's a risk in spending so much time understanding history that you can't move on, but there is a proper balance out there.

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Susan said...

Interesting philosophical post....

Sometimes (often?) what's inside the box changes over time.

IMHO, understanding our pertinent history and accepting that a customized/personalized history is in the eye of each beholder is the key to finding proper balance, maybe even bliss.