26 February 2007

Print is Dead: Books in Our Digital Age � NY Magazine: The Kids Are Online

A recent entry in Bruce Sterling's "Beyond the Beyond" blog pointed me at the Print is Dead blog with its provocative title and thoughtful entries. Pretty much everything this guy writes is a gem, but I particularly liked this one because of my focus on education.

From the blog: "In terms of publishing and the 'print is dead' debate, today’s kids are not going to want to pick up a big book and spend hours in a corner silently, passively reading. Why in the world would they do that? It’s not interactive. They can’t share the experience with their friends. There’s no way to change the book to suit their own tastes. Instead, they’re going to ditch the hardback and head over to Facebook. The publishing industry needs to realize this..." I would add, so does the education industry.

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