05 November 2008

Always Choose Your Blog Name Carefully

As of yesterday, I am no longer the CTO at Art Center College of Design - my position was eliminated. Officially, the reason is to reduce costs.

Now I find myself in the same situation as many others - suddenly ejected from an organization where I gave the best of my talents, and I feel somewhat raw and very disappointed. I could write about my frustrations but I'd rather write about what I'll miss at Art Center:

  • the energy, enthusiasm, and talent of the students;
  • the brilliance and commitment of the faculty;
  • the magic that happens when ideas, skill, and technique all come together to make something great;
  • the amazing team in Technology that, on its best days, could create something out of nothing and give 100% to do great things;
  • the everyday determination of the Library to serve the students even when the speed of change and lack of resources made things really difficult;
  • my friends and allies in the administration that understood what was important and never sacrificed integrity for expedience.

  • I've said many times that being CTO at Art Center was the best job and the worst job I've ever had. I know that for me, the good will last and the rest will fade. Nobody can take away from me all that I learned by walking the halls of Art Center with my eyes open and simply looking. My only hope for Art Center is that the faculty and students will have a future that's as good as the one they deserve.


    spleeness said...

    Oh no! I am stricken by the news. You are like a shining beacon at the Art Center, bringing the students together with technology in a way most colleges would envy. It's a testament to the kind of person you are that you choose to concentrate on the good things rather than the bad. I hope you do write about the experience someday, I am sure there is much you could say.

    I feel betrayed by the Art Center's poor decision. I had thought that it seemed like a good place to go back to school were this an option for me but now I'm not so sure. Maybe they aren't as forward-thinking as I thought and it was really you that made it seem that way. Without you, I can't imagine what direction they will take (besides backwards).

    For what it's worth, Blogger at least makes it easy to change your blog name. Your loyal readers will update our links if you change.

    Anonymous said...

    Having a CTO was something that directly benefited students and education. Can't have any of that when there are architecture staffs and million dollar catalog projects to pump the dwindling dollars into. Your very existence was a sign of their own (comparitive) incompetence, and perhaps a daily reminder of that. Now Art Center can get back to doing what they do best. Squandering money on fruitless endeavors. Perhaps (after a while) the pile of bodies they discard outside the front gate will start to be noticed by the people that really matter.

    I wish Art Center had as bright a future as the students, faculty and alumni, but unfortunately you can't help people that do not wish to be helped. My prediction is that Art Center will crumble given enough time.