29 November 2008

New Blog: Verdugo City

I've decided to start a new blog - this one will be more personal and a place for me to write about my life, review music, and comment on things that I'm interested in outside my professional life. I call it Verdugo City. I hope some of you will join me there.



William Cohen said...

Thanks Mike - that's great! I wish I could still write songs, I don't think I've written anything for ten years (unless you count song parodies).

Christine said...

Good for you - music is so good for the soul. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Tom Meeks said...


I wanted to say "Hello" to a well respected online friend of Desktop Factory! I see you are embarking on a new direction in your life. I certainly wish you well!

I will link to your blog from both CubifyFans.blogspot.com and the original 3DPrinterUsers.blogspot.com

Tom Meeks