23 April 2007

live at the Gartner Symposium ITExpo

Just for the heck of it, I figured I'd try blogging live from an event. I'm at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2007 in San Francisco. I hope someone says something interesting.

It's certainly not as much fun as the Reality Distortion Field of MacWorld, but they do have a cool AV setup. There are 2 screens, and the middle one is a "doublewide". Before the talk, they have very loud new-agey music and factoids running on the screens, like the real color of the golden gate bridge (international orange) and who first discovered the Y2K problem (they claim Boeing in 1993). It's a good soundsystem but I prefer the rock/pop at an Apple event.

Speaking of Apple, so far I haven't seen another Macintosh here. This is the belly of the IT beast. Now they are flashing words like "distruptive" and "emerging" and "innovation" - I guess that means "Windows Vista".

Now we have fake smoke and loud noise to herald "Emerging Trends". Rather overdone but it does help wake you up. This would be an awesome setup for video gaming.

Gartner CEO Gene Hall now on stage welcoming us. Suit with no tie. "Specific focus this year: emerging trends. IT investments account for about half of economic growth. All CEO's need technology and they need you (IT wonks) to be on top of your game. IT excellence drives business results. 85% of CIO's identify innovation as important but only 26% have capability. More creativity needed. Innovation is not software upgrades - have to shift focus. New competencies, better services, new ways to win customers, attack costs. Stakes are high. " Actions, creativity.

more in next post

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