23 April 2007

Peter Sondergaard @ Gartner

VP of Research. "IT is coming of age. WMF - tech progress and open gloabl and financial systems have laid foundation for superlative growth." But IT growth decelerating. Growth is in emerging economies but not here (US)." Discussing staggering growth in India- IT budgets growing 16% annually. Scaling to 100 million customers in 2 years. No models elsewhere in the world so they are breaking new ground. Growth creates 30-50% annual staff turnover. 11%/year salary inflation.

Scandinavia - high broadband, seamless wireless, high IT literacy -> consumerization of IT. Consumers embedded in the IT architecture.

US -> organizations trying to stretch beyond what providers offer. Scale, complexity - lack of innovation among vendors. Is consolidation good for users? No! Is consolidation stifling growth? perhaps. Large IT organizations building their own. If IT can't do it, business managers will bypass IT.


Consumerization of IT: affordable access increases power of the individual and how they interact. Affordable communications, low cost devices, content, destabilizes the balance between social forces. Challenges basic assumption of technology scarcity and uniqueness.

Alternative Delivery Models of IT: new options for acquiring technology. Pay not for use but for access and business outcome - buying a service rather than products. Cannibalize some markets and vendors.

Green IT: Impact beyond hardware vendors - also software. Get out of reactive posture. IT activities affect the environment. Need to be cognizant of environmental impacts of IT technology. Can have positive or negative impact. "Topic is big, and unpredictable"

Shape of IT: Response to the first 3. IT as IT becoming irrelevant to business.

Challenge - how to sustain global growth. Need to take advantage of current prosperity. Easy to be complacent.

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