23 April 2007

Management of IT

Successful companies constantly ask "What if?" Obsession with opportunities not competition. Redefine the industry in which they play. Chamelions - continuous reinvention. Risk aversion is the standard. Agile - decentralized, good enough, leading indicators, tap into ad-hoc informal communities, citizens of world, anticipate, trade risk for speed, think greenfield, willing to go low-tech.

In past, added stuff because you could, not because it was needed. New value storyline - permanent shift in IT spending patterns - going to the business units. Most IT organizations can't deliver new value because they are fundamentally about control.

Potential for a new model - no separate IT organization, instead a pervasive commodity embedded in the business units. Hybrid management - IT managed in business outcomes. Business and IT strategy developed in conjunction. Prediction: traditional IT function will die.

3 ideas: 1 be surpurb applies of tech; 2 staff with people who believe IT is not just enabler but can redefine business 3 office of innovation. Let 1000 ideas bloom.

Tech market is supporting too many players but not sustainable. Commoditization - really don't care who the provider is. Business models for providers haven't changed but customers have.

Talking about consumer choice and service design - putting user at the center of all decision making. All about improving customer experience. Integrated consumer experience is new design center.

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