19 September 2008

Best... Warning Stickers... Ever!

We just received our new Haas CNC Router. It was quite a job getting it in place - it was just a bit bigger than the one we had measured, so it actually required cutting holes in the corners of a couple of walls to get it into the shop. (We really did "cut corners"!)

When we have the machine up and running I'll post some photos, but what really caught my eye (in a figurative sense) were the warning stickers. This ain't some backyard consumer piece of junk, no - this is a world-class body-destroying machine! It can poke your eyes out, crush you, snag you, I mean you name it and this thing can do it. How awesome to work in a college with equipment like that!

I will definitely be in another room when they turn this sucker on.


spleeness said...

"I will definitely be in another room when they turn this sucker on."
haha!! Smart! Those are some serious warning labels, I don't think I've ever seen one that shows a hand being crushed quite like that.

spleeness said...

Ha. Meant to add... this reminds me of the tee-shirt bearing a warning label in English, from somewhere in Asia:

"DANGER! A dangerous toy. This toy is being made for the extreme priority of the good looks. The little part which suffocates when the sharp part which gets hurt is swallowed is contained generously. Only the person who can take responsibility by itself is to play."

See tee-shirt here, click to enlarge for reading.